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£199.95 Bose SoundDock Series 2 Digital Music System

Bose has been known for bringing out high end speaker systems that would fill your home with crystal clear and crisp audio output.

The Bose SoundDock Series 2 Digital Music System is a system from Bose that would re-define sound and is backed by brilliant design.

The docking station not only delivers quality audio while playing your favourite songs from your iPod or iPhone, it also charges it while you are playing the music making sure that you don't run out of battery juice. The remote control makes iPod, iPhone navigation a lot easier while in the docking bay with ability to track seek, increase or decrease volume and power.

It is not that the speaker system can only play music from iDevices, you can even plug in your MP3 player, DVD/CD player or other portable music devices through the auxiliary audio-in jack. The acoustic design developed by Bose is more efficient and produces better sound compared to most of the other iPod speaker system.

The SoundDock system fits anywhere in your room while blending in with the surroundings. The package includes the SoundDock music system, remote control, power pack and power cord.

The Bose SoundDock Series 2 Black Digital Music System is available from Comet for £199.95.