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70% of Enterprise Users go for iPhones & iPads over Android

A new report shows that Apple's devices are dominating the enterprise market, accounting for seven out of ten activations in the third quarter of this year by a leading mobile device management company.

Good Technology, the leader in multiplatform enterprise mobility who provides services to half the Fortune 100 companies, recently published its quarterly Good Technology Device Activations Report (opens in new tab). The figures indicate that the iPad and iPad 2 account for 96% of all its tablet activations in the enterprise market, leaving Android tablets with the remaining 4%.

The figures do not take into consideration RIM devices and Windows Phone 7 as they are not supported by Good Technology, though they are hoping to offer the latter to businesses soon.

When it comes to enterprise smartphones, iPhone 4 gained the first place, with 28.3% of the activations by Good Tech, though the numbers have dropped from the second quarter, when iPhone 4 had 32.4%. Analysts explained the situation was probably caused by the fact that many were waiting for the next generation iPhone; the effects will be seen in the holiday season, when everybody is expecting sales of the iPhone (especially the 4S) to skyrocket.

Among Android devices, the EVO 4G was the most popular enterprise handset, with the smartphone accounting for 1.6% activations. Overall it was a better quarter for Android, as John Herrema, Good Technology senior vice president of corporate strategy explained "This quarter, we saw Android smartphones gain in percentage of total activations" (up 8%).

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