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Amazon Announces New Kindle Format 8 for Graphics Rich eBooks

Online retail giant Amazon has introduced a new web based format for eBooks on its Kindle e-reader device, which brings enhanced resolution for comics and children books on the device.

With the new Kindle Fire tablet device, Amazon is rolling out the Kindle Format 8 or KF8, which will succeed the Mobi 7 format used on Kindle devices. The Kindle Fire, which marks Amazon's entry in the tablet market, will be launched in the United States on November 15.

The company plans to use the might of the Kindle brand to take on the Apple iPad. The new Kindle Format 8 comes with support for web technology like HTML and CSS. "As showcased on Kindle Fire, KF8 enables publishers to create great-looking books in categories that require rich formatting and design such as children's picture books, comics & graphic novels, technical and engineering books, and cookbooks," Amazon said in its announcement.

"Kindle Format 8 replaces the Mobi format and adds over 150 new formatting capabilities, including fixed layouts, nested tables, callouts, sidebars and Scalable Vector Graphics, opening up more opportunities to create Kindle books that readers will love", the company added.