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Android Market: 500,000 Apps and Counting

Google's Android Market achieved an important milestone in September as the total number of apps on the platform rose to more than 500,000.

According to a September 2011 Android report released by mobile research firm Research2Guidance, the number of apps on the Android Market is just 100,000 or 17 percent less than those on Apple's App Store.

It has long been estimated that the Android Market, considering its meteoric rise, will surpass the App Store in terms of number of apps by the end of 2011. The new metrics released by the company indicate that the prediction is all set to be true. The report also revealed that the Android Market developers publish 4.38 active apps per active publishers on an average.

The company also said that 37 percent of the apps on the platform have deactivated since its launch, leaving nearly 320,000 apps actually available for download on Android Market. The Android Market added 42,000 new apps in the month of September, Research2Guidance said.

The number of active paid apps dropped from 34 percent in September to 26 percent in October, indicating that developers were focusing more on free apps. The average selling price of an app on Android Market is $3.18.