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Apple Posts ‘Celebrating Steve’ Memorial Video

Apple posted the video of the Steve Jobs memorial service, which the company held for its employees.

The event, which was closed for the public, saw senior Apple employees and the rest of the staff remember the Apple co-founder and former CEO for his contribution to the company and the technology industry in general. The iPhone maker has not held a public event to honour Jobs but, has posted the video on its website for everyone to see.

Steve Jobs died after a long battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, sending shockwaves across the world. Soon after his death, Apple fans around the world converged to their nearest Apple Store to pay homage to man who transformed millions of lives with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod.

The video, titled ‘Celebrating Steve', was released to coincide with the launch of Steve Jobs' official biography penned by former Time head honcho Walter Isaacson, who is known for his award winning books on Benjamin Franklin and other notable figures. The book, which goes on sale today, has been based on more than 40 interview sessions with Steve Jobs and includes inputs from his family members, Apple co-workers and rivals.