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Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro Laptops

Apple has tweaked its MacBook Pro line in a bid to keep up the pressure on its Windows-based rivals and offer more value for money.

The cheapest Macbook Pro, the 13-inch model, now comes with a dual core Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 2.4GHz, with 4GB RAM, a 500GB 5400RPM HDD and a battery that lasts seven hours. Apple hasn't changed the US or UK price which remains at $1199 and £999 respectively.

A more powerful version with a 2.8-inch processor and a bigger hard disk drive is also available for $300 or £300 extra.

The 15-inch model now comes with either a quad core Intel i7 clocked at 2.2GHz or 2.4GHz with 4GB RAM, either 500GB or 750GB hard disk drive, an AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB RAM or a 6770M with 1GB RAM. The cheaper model retails for £1549 or $1799 with the more expensive version costing $400 or £300 extra.

As for the biggest model, the 17-inch one, it is a straight forward upgrade from the higher priced 15-inch model with a full HD 17-inch screen for an additional $300 (or £250 in the UK). We're surprised though that there's no Bluetooth 4.0 at this stage. More about the new MacBook Pro laptops here.

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