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CenterBeam 365+ Brings Enhanced Collaboration to Rival Microsoft Office 365

CenterBeam Inc., a leading brand in the hosted IT service industry launched its brand new offering CenterBeam 365+, the company announced on a proud note.

This new hosted collaboration package, according to the company, is primarily aimed at providing mid-sized businesses a platform whereupon they can take the full advantage of cost-effectiveness of cloud, as well as the convenience and familiarity of on-premise solutions.

The company has also announced that the new offering is going to include Microsoft Office Web Apps, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft SharePoint as well as Microsoft Exchange. It further stated that the package brings along with it application, on-premise administration, client access, and the ability to archive, as well as some features that Redmond's own service named Exchange Online doesn't support. For example, the new solution also supports PST files and Outlook 2003 unlike Exchange Online.

"CenterBeam truly understands our fundamental needs. We wanted to maintain our preferences and high level of security, but move to a cloud-based solution that delivers the flexibility we need in the most affordable way possible," William Santille, vice president of technology and CTO at Advanced Equities Inc. said in a statement.

"(With CenterBeam 365+) we do not have to sacrifice on functionality, control, support and most importantly, security, as we move to the cloud," he added.

[Image courtesy: Centerbeam]