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Cisco Designing New Data Centre Virtual Firewall Appliance for Cloud Environments

Cisco has developed a new data centre virtual firewall appliance aimed at allowing organisations running multi-tenant clouds in a secure environment.

According to an article on eWeek, the company said the ASA 1000V is a virtual version of the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and is capable of being deployed as a virtual machine on a server.

The company said that the customer of its ASA platform demanded a virtual version of the appliance which provided the same tight and secure environment like the one offered by physical firewall appliances.

“Our customers tell us, ‘I use physical firewalls and I want the same posture in my virtual environment,” said Rajneesh Chopra, a senior product manager at Cisco.

Cisco said that the produce comes with support for Nexus 1000V virtual switch for VMware’s ESXi hypervisors and Cisco’s Virtual Security Gateway platform.

The company, already offering support for VMware’s Hypervisor, plans to extend the support to Microsoft’s Hyper-V in the near future.The product is still in its beta stage and the company has yet to announce the price for the virtual firewall appliance.