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Duracell Portable Charger 1800mAh and 1150mAh – hands on

One Mobile Ring has just taken delivery of the new Duracell portable charger 1800mAh and the 1150mAh version, following on from the news that the new 1800mAh version is now available to buy.

These recharging devices can be charged to provide five and three hours of talk time, to a mobile phone or other device and from either a micro or mini USB lead, away from any wall based power supplies.

The larger five-hour-charge time Duracell device is accompanied by a detachable wall-plug power adapter, which slots into the charger for recharging the 1800mAh variant from a power socket. This can then be used to power up to ‘two’ mobile phones or similar products at once, from the twin USB ports at the top of the charger. The accompanying cable ends in a micro USB connection, with a mini USB adaptor for older handsets.

The smaller three-hour charger initially gains its power from a mini USB power adaptor, with a single socket for delivering its recharging ability. This device comes with a lead that provides a mini USB connector, with a mini USB to micro USB adaptor which is very useful in itself, for using the older power adaptors with newer phones.

Both of these products can extend the battery life of a compatible device, but are also future proof too. The Duracell products are able to be used with any mobile phone and not just the one, where the alternative to extend the battery life of a handset is to buy an extended battery – which can only be used with the one mobile and no other.

The images below highlight the two rechargers, with all their leads, adaptors and detachable power plug; the size comparison of the two power products; the dual USB ports on one, with a single mini USB socket on the other – which is mirrored at the top; each device by itself, with attachments and the very useful leads.

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