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Google Brings New Ad Formats, Mobile Search Ads with Impetus on Proximity

Search engine giant Google has introduced new ad formats to help small businesses to use mobile ads to help grow their business.

In a blog post, the company is introducing search ads in mobile apps and enhancing the local advertising options. The company said that the Custom Search Ads will allow people to view ads relevant to the searches from apps that give them access to information about businesses like restaurants and movie halls.

Google also said that advertisers will be able to give direct download links on the App Store or Android Market for a particular app from within an advertisement. The company is also introducing a new beta format, which will let advertisers redirect users to a particular section in an app installed by users.

"The exciting thing for mobile users and businesses is that we're genuinely just getting started. The possibilities for mobile search advertising are nearly endless and we're looking forward to helping businesses and consumers alike take advantage of this brave new (mobile) world," the company said.

The company has also made some changes in the local mobile ads, making proximity a factor for displaying ads on mobiles. For example, if a business is located nearer to the user than is competitor, then the ad for that business will be displayed.