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Google May Finance Private Equity Firms for Yahoo Buyout

Word on the streets is that the Internet search giant Google Inc. is in talks with a pair of private equity firms with the vision of helping them out financially to close an acquisition-deal with the company's rival Yahoo! Inc.

The report has been backed by the Wall Street Journal too, which citing "person familiar with the matter", claims that that the negotiations by Google with the two firms is aimed at buying out Yahoo!'s core business.

Though the identity of the private equity firms involved in the negotiations with the search giant haven't been revealed, he made it clear that the discussions are still pretty much on the early stage and Google eventually might go against pursuing a bid on its own.

Carol Bartz - the chief executive officer of the Internet firm was fired by the Yahoo! board of directors last month, in September. The company is reportedly looking for potential buyers to sell itself ever since.

It is important to note here that Yahoo! has failed miserably when it comes to increasing its revenues-- and that, despite the fact that the Internet ad market is growing at a rather fast pace (20 percent annually).