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Google Voice App Sign-in Crash Bug Fixed, New Version Available on iTunes App Store

Google has re-launched the Google Voice app on the App Store, after the company was forced to pull the app from the platform amidst some faults.

According to PC Mag, the company removed the app from the App Store after it found that the app was crashing when users were attempting to sign-in. The problem was not that widespread with only some of the Google Voice users on iOS 5 reported having problems with the app.

The problem was serious enough for Google, which removed the app from the platform and promised a fixed version. The company was not clear on what was causing the app to crash at sign-in but, a new and updated version has been released for iOS 5 users.

Google said on its official Twitter account that the app, which was first launched in November 2010, now comes with improved calling on Google Voice when there is no data available. "New iPhone app also improves calling through GV when there is no data: no data required for all numbers previously called", read the post.

The update app can be downloaded from iTunes page here.