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How To Install Android On The HP TouchPad : A step-by-step guide

The HP TouchPad (reviewed by our sister site here (opens in new tab)), which recently sold out after having its price slashed to just £89, is a stunning piece of hardware – but it isn't exactly future-proof: although the company is supporting the device with updates at present, sooner or later webOS development will cease. recently showed you how to tweak the performance (opens in new tab) of the standard TouchPad device – but thanks to the CyanogenMod build, you can enjoy a dual-boot tablet with access to everything Android, including Google’s Android Market.

At present the software Alpha 2, is designated a 'release candidate,' but it’s still an alpha release. As a result, it's likely to be full of bugs and comes with absolutely no guarantees whatsoever – and HP had confirmed that anyone attempting to install Android on the device will automatically void their warranty.

But if you’re willing to take the risk, you can enjoy what promises to be the most powerful sub-£100 Android device around (ed : although you're unlikely to get any at this price for a foreseeable future). To find out how to install Android on your HP TouchPad, check out’s full step-by-step tutorial here (opens in new tab).