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iPhone 4S Protection Plans: Some Options

If you just got hold of Apple's latest smartphone and are wondering about available insurance plans for your shiny new iPhone 4S, here are a few options courtesy of Digital Trends (opens in new tab).

Apple is offering an exclusive protection plan with AppleCare+. For a one-time fee of $99 your iPhone 4S is covered for two accidental damages, technical support and repairs for the next two years. If the damage is "not caused by reckless or inappropriate use" and the phone is beyond repair, Apple will replace your handset for a $49 fee.

You can make this claim twice, but here is a catch though: you must buy AppleCare+ at the same time as purchasing your iPhone 4S. If you failed to get this cover Apple has made this option available until November 14th as a special launch offer.

Another option would be to buy carrier insurance. Be warned however, if you do so, the monthly fee added for the next two years ($10 on AT&T, $11 on Verizon) and the fee you would have to pay to replace your iPhone in case of serious damage ($199 on AT&T, $169 on Verizon) could raise the amount to about $400.

As for some third-party options: SquareTrade offers more or less the same pricing as Apple's insurance plan, but must be taken up within 30 days of purchsasing the handset; Worth Ave Group costs $89 for a year or $178 for two years, but it offers unlimited repairs and replacements - good if you are prone to accidents; GoCare is the cheapest offer at $59 or $97 for one or two years, however you are only allowed one replacement handset during the term, so it is a bit more risky.

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