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Microsoft Office 365 T&C May Shock Small Businesses

One of the clauses in Microsoft Office 365 suite's terms and conditions could cause some serious concern for small businesses, according to a new report.

The clause in question, as reported technology site ZDNet, tends to limit the total number of recipients users are permitted to contact every day. This limit could prove to be harmful for businesses, the SMBs (small and medium businesses) in particular, on many fronts.

Apparently, small businesses, when they sign up for the Office 365 suite, are put under a limit of only 500 recipients per day - three times less than that of enterprise accounts. The limit with enterprise accounts is usually 1500 recipients per 24 hours. And, not just that, according to the ZDNet report, the upgrade process to an enterprise account is also a pretty hectic one.

On being reached out to and asked for comments, Michael Atalla, the Director of product management for Exchange Server and Exchange Online, told ZDNet that the limitation was indeed there. Apparently, not only did he confirm about the limitation, Atalla also defended the company by saying that it was a necessary move to prevent anti-spam messages.