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Neflix Expands Movie and TV Streaming Services to UK and Ireland; Low Monthly Subscription Fee

Netflix, the California-based online movie-on-demand service provider, announced on Monday its expansion into UK and Ireland markets.

The company stated services in the two countries will begin in early 2012 and offer unlimited movie and television streaming over the Web to both computers and PCs for a low monthly subscription price.

According to Netflix, users from the UK and Ireland will be provided with a wide range of movies and TV shows as soon as hits the market. Users can take the full advantage of this offering on a wide variety of devices including computers, PCs, Macs, tablet devices as well as on smartphones.

“Upon launch, Netflix members from the UK and Ireland will be able to instantly watch a wide array of TV shows and movies right on their TVs via a range of consumer electronics devices capable of streaming from Netflix,” the company stated in a press release.

“Further details about the service, including pricing, content and supported devices, will be announced closer to launch,” it added.