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Oracle Set to Launch The Oracle Social Network for Business Professionals

The rivalry between Oracle and continues as Oracle prepares to launch a new service - the Oracle Social Network.

Having already made the Fusion CRM software available as a service, the company introduces the Oracle Social Network to counter the growing popularity of Salsforce’s Chatter.

Chatter has already proved itself as a massively popular service since it hit the market back in the summer of 2010. Chatter provides a platform to both the outside as well as inside sales teams to create their own profiles and use those profiles to communicate about deals, meetings, contacts etc.

Chatter is a stand alone app that costs businesses $15 a month per user. However, the existing and CRM clients can take advantage of Chatter as a free extension included in their subscribed applications.

SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff recently bragged that an overwhelming majority of the company’s 80,000 customers were using Chatter.

The new Oracle platform was designed to provide similar services. What remains to be seen now is, whether or not the Oracle Social Network can really live up to expectations when it comes to countering the growing popularity of Salesforce Chatter.