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Steve Jobs Admires Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg for "Not Selling Out"

A new report has shed light on how co-founder and ex-CEO of Apple Inc.- the legendary Steve Jobs admired Marc Zuckerberg of Facebook fame for “not selling out”.

Apparently, Jobs revealed this to Walter Isaacson - the author of his biography, during an interview. The interview has been made available by the CBS TV show ‘60 Minutes’.

“We talk about social networks in the plural, but I don’t see anybody other than Facebook out there,” Jobs told Isaacson during the interview, according to a BusinessWeek report (opens in new tab). He also stated how he admired Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, despite not knowing much about him.

The reason behind this admiration, according to Jobs himself, was the fact Zuckerberg did not give into temptations presented in front of him, and did not sell Facebook.

“I admire Mark Zuckerberg. I only know him a little bit, but I admire him for not selling out, for wanting to make a company. I admire that, a lot,” Jobs told the interviewer, The BusinessWeek report reads.

Steve Jobs passed away earlier this month on October 5, after putting up a prolonged fight against cancer.