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UK Deputy Director of Policy at Office for Cyber Security Vows to Make Internet a Safer Place

A UK cyber security expert has said that trusted computing technology will play a critical role in protecting the country against cyber attacks.

According to an article (opens in new tab)on The Guardian, Owen Pengelly, deputy director of policy at the Office for Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Cabinet Office, said that trusted computing will play a key role in Britain’s cyber security policy.The official said that out of the four cyber security strategies, trusted computing technology will play a critical role in three of them.

"Building the most resilient cyber defences in the world will not help if you are suffering from intellectual property theft," saidPengelly.

"Trusted computing underpins security and can underpin growth, providing confidence in transactions, expanding markets and making them function more efficiently," he added.

Pengelly, speaking during a cyber security seminar organised by Wave Systems, said that four parts of the cyber security policy were making the public online experience more secure and turning the UK into the best place for online business by providing an open cyber security environment, stacking up defensive and offensive cyber security measures in the face of an attack, and having the technical know-how to achieve it.