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5 Quick Tips to Save iPhone 4S' Battery Life

One of the main concerns of iPhone 4S users is how to maintain battery life for longer, especially since Apple hasn't achieved significant improvements in this area with the new model.

To avoid draining the battery, technology commentator Dan Warne suggests a few simple steps (opens in new tab):

1. Disable unnecessary connections: turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.

2. Disable 3G: switching back to a 2G or GSM network saves a lot of power with the obvious sacrifice that web browsing becomes much slower.

3. Adjust screen brightness: the default settings are useful outdoors on bright sunny days, otherwise a dimmed screen light will improve battery life significantly.

4. Adjust Notification settings: iPhones have "Push" technology that allows your phone to stay connected to the internet all the time in order to receive emails and notifications and to deliver them instantly. This could be convenient but is exhausting for the battery. The technology writer suggests selecting the "Manually" option, under the "Fetch" section, which means the phone will only download for email when you actually open the email app and check for email.

5. If none of this helps your iPhone's endurance, then you might consider a third party battery pack.

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