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Apple Introduces More Vibrant iPad 2 Smart Covers

Yesterday, a few new items appeared on Apple's online store, iPad 2 users can now get an updated line of Smart Covers for their tablet, Apple Insider (opens in new tab) reveals.

In the polyurethane range, a new dark gray cover has appeared replacing the orange one. A noticeable change is the disappearance of the light grey inner side, now the microfiber interior is designed to match the outside colour. Besides the newly introduced dark grey polyurethane Smart Covers, users have the same options as before (light gray, blue, green and pink) to dress their iPad 2, but Apple said the new colours are more vibrant than the previous nuances.

The price remained unchanged at $39. In the leather line of Smart Covers there is just a small change. MacRumors reports that Apple has modified the navy colour to make it "more navy", whatever that means. The remaining colours remain unchanged: tan, black, cream, and red, and the price is still $69.

At the release of iPad the Smart Cover captured the users' attention almost as much as the device itself. The sleek cover that attaches with 21 magnets on the side and locks the device when it covers it, has become one of the most desirable accessories.

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