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BlackBerry PlayBook caught on video running Android applications

German BlackBerry news blog (opens in new tab) has run a feature on the upcoming Research In Motion BlackBerry tablet OS, which highlights the Android App player that allows Google mobile applications to be run on the device.

RIM's DevCon developer’s conference last week unveiled the new BBX operating system coming to BlackBerry handsets, which is a combination of the platforms that ship with the PlayBook and the mobile phone.

Also announced at the event was a developer’s release of the new BlackBerry PlayBook operating system, known as OS 2.0, which has been made available to coders on the platform. has published a range of screen shots of the PlayBook OS 2.0 that demonstrates different aspects to the new operating system, one of which is the Android App player.

Images on the German website show Android applications running on the RIM PlayBook, such as the IMDB, Gmail, Winamp and Opera apps.

One Mobile Ring was informed at the recent BlackBerry Innovation forum in London that Amazon Kindle software will be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook, only for this news to be retracted by the source at the event – where now it appears this will be a feature on the tablet, only as an Android app.

The video below is a hands-on walkthrough of the BlackBerry PlayBook, running version 2.0 of the OS.

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