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Bling Up your iPhone 4S with Gold-plated Crystal Bumper

For those who feel their new iPhone 4S isn't quite luxurious enough, more and more accessories for embellishing your handset are being released onto the market.

A few weeks ago, Brikk (opens in new tab) announced it would be offering the most expensive iPhone 4S case of all at the staggering price of $100,000+ adorned with over 600 diamonds. Now Crystal Rocked (opens in new tab)has followed this trend and unveiled a slightly more affordable 24 Karat gold and crystal bumper, not only for the newly released iPhone 4S but also for iPhone 4.

The golden bumpers are available on the Crystal Rocked online store or at Harrods for the price of £299.00 (about $480). For online orders, the advertised delivery time is 2-3 days. The manufacturing process includes aluminium cases being dipped four times in 24 karat gold to ensure a uniform thickness and the best of finishes.

Up to 200 individual crystals are then set onto the case. Crystal Rocked also offers a more discreet model plated with chrome and decorated with the same number of crystals. The manufacturer's site advertises the new cases will "instantly transform your iPhone in to a luxury item".

Just a day after the launch, Gold Striker released the Billionaire Toys Gold edition (opens in new tab) of iPhone 4S, at just under £4,000 or $6,000 it would perhaps appeal to your middle-of-the-road millionaire.

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