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Bluetooth Special Interest Group Unveils Two New Trademarks to Raise Consumer Awareness

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced two new brand monikers to enhance consumer awareness for new Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The group unveiled the Bluetooth Smart Ready trademark and the Bluetooth Smart trademark to market the capability of devices that support Bluetooh 4.0.

According to the Bluetooth SGI, Bluetooth Smart Ready devices like phones, tablets, PCs and TV will be able connect with Bluetooth Smart devices through sensors in other devices like wrist watches, heart-rate monitors and pedometers to provide a whole new level of connectivity to users.

"Here's the truth of the matter: Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices will revolutionise the way we collect, share and use information," said executive director of the Bluetooth SIG, Michael Foley, Ph.D.

"In order to ensure consumers know what these extraordinary devices have to offer, we created the Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready marks. These new logos will help consumers manage compatibility, and encourage manufacturers to build their best Bluetooth devices yet," he added.

Interestingly, it seems that Apple forgot to mention during the launch of iPhone 4S that it is the first smartphone in the world that supports low energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology.