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The Business Cloud Summit 2011

Unlike other Cloud conferences, the Business Cloud Summit is dedicated to providing content that meets the real world needs of the attending delegates. The agenda is constructed by editorial professionals and analysts to ensure addressing of the current issues in the market place. The Business Cloud Summit does not allow sales pitches or product demonstrations during the event.

The Business Cloud Summit will be divided into three streams of content.

These streams of content delivered around the theme of "The Practical Cloud" will make this year's conference the most in-depth to date.

Stream 1: Business Stream For CIOs, CFOs, Finance Directors, Line of Business managers.

Stream 2: Technology & Developer Stream For Developers, Business Partners, Operation Managers, Security Professionals, Data Centre Managers.

Stream 3: Executive Leadership Stream For C-level executives with an interest in the business/management implications of an organisational shift to Cloud Computing (by invitation only).

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Venue & Date: The Business Cloud Summit 2011 is to be held at The Novotel West, London on 5th December.