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Facebook Exec Says Google & the Likes Failing to Deliver Accurate Search Results

According to a top Facebook executive, Web search engines including the undisputed king in the domain Google, are failing to provide users with the accurate search results that they really look forward to be provided with.

Ethan Beard, the Facebook executive who made this statement, said in an exclusive interview with the Telegraph that the day is not far when search engines will eventually have to go social.

Beard also admitted that having a tie up between his company and the arch rival Google won't make too much of a sense in terms of business, even though consumers are likely to be benefited from such a collaboration.

As of now, Facebook has a tie up in place with Google's main rival in the search market- Microsoft's Bing.

"We think that through social and bringing people back into these applications is going to change everything," said Beard in a statement, reports The Telegraph.

"Ecommerce is just one example - I got on the plane to fly to Europe and was sick of my luggage... and went into a search engine to look for a new bag. I tried everything and it just didn't work," he added.