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Generating Revenue from News Content Via Tablet Computers Not Easy for Media Outlets

Tablet users are increasingly accessing news on their devices, but only a minority are willing to pay for it, a new study has found.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Economist Group, media firms looking to generate revenue from news subscriptions on tablets are in for a serious shock.

The study, which surveyed 1,159 tablet owners in the United States, revealed that 53 percent used their tablets to access news on a daily basis, but only 14 percent claimed to have paid to get access to news content.

The study also revealed that 23 percent of tablet owners who had subscriptions to print newspapers and magazines had access to their digital versions as a part of their subscription package.

Meanwhile, 21 percent of respondents who have not paid for digital news content said that they were willing to shell out $5 per month for digital access if it was the only news source available.

"When it was launched, many observers believed that the tablet might help change the experience of news consumers and the economic ground rules of digital news consumption," the report read.

"That belief was based on the sense that people would consume information on tablets largely through special applications or apps... which news organisations might be able to charge for," it added.