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Google Tries to Increase Its Popularity in Nigeria with Support of Nigerian Government

Google has come up with a new blueprint for strengthening the company's stake in Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa.

The company has started advertising all over the country; working in collaboration with the Nigerian government, universities and businesses.

According to Mountain View, if it succeeds in implementing its plans, the company will safely claim 15 percent of the Nigerian web space. The African nation, according to various reports, has almost 150 million people who regularly use the Internet.

"There's a lot of latent demand, people who would get online if they could afford it or get access," said Juliet Ehimuan, Google's country manager for Nigeria, in an Oct. 20 interview, according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle.

She added by saying that another 30 percent population of the country are currently ready to use the Internet provided cyber infrastructures are improved and costs are lowered.

Google currently has an office at Lagos, also known as the commercial capital of the country, with a total of nine employees.