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Google Updates Chrome Webstore as it Looks to Tackle iTunes

Google has quietly upgraded the design of the Chrome webstore in what some are already calling a "major improvement."

The marketplace which was released back in December 2010, is now an integral part of Google's Chrome browser and will now provide a more attractive visual interface.

Amongst the improvements are the ability to glance at more information about an app simply by hovering the mouse cursor over it and a one click install option.

Interestingly, the navigation unit, which is on the left hand side only (like on iTunes), is fixed which means that the whole interface looks a lot like a slicker version of a framed webpage.

Extensions and themes are not highlighted as they used to be. There is a definite resemblance between the latest Google Marketplace UI and Windows 8 tiles UI (ed : have a look at the latest iteration of Google Blogger back end to convince yourself).

Along with the cosmetic changes Google has also released some new apps in the Chrome Web Store such as the games Fieldrunners and The Godfather: Five Families, as well as a new eBay app.

The update is already available in the UK. One has to wonder whether one day Apple's iTunes will not look a lot like the Google Chrome web store.

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