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Groupon Files Suit Against Two Former Employees Now Working for Google Offers

Daily deals giant Groupon has filed a lawsuit against two former employees for joining competitor, Google.

According to an article on Bloomberg, the company has accused Michael Nolan and Brian Hanna of breaching their contract with the company by joining rival Google Offers.

Nolan, who had worked with Groupon for two years and Hanna, who had joined the company in January, left Groupon to join Google Offers last month.

"In their new positions with Google Offers and/or Google, Hanna and Nolan will provide the same or similar services as they provided at Groupon," which would require them "to employ confidential and proprietary information that they learned while employed at Groupon," the complaint, which was filed in a court in Illinois, read.

Groupon, which had rejected a $6 billion buy-out offer from Google last year, claims the men will be breaching their confidentiality agreements with Groupon by using the same techniques and processes they learned at Groupon.

The lawsuit seeks to ban Nolan and Hanna from working at Google Offers. Google is known to siphon talent from rivals, but it was not mentioned as a defendant in the lawsuit.