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Huawei to Test Long Term Evolution Technology on TV White Space to Save Money

Huawei is planning to test Long Term Evolution technology on license free TV white spaces.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on The Register, the company will be using time division duplex (TDD) LTE technology in an unused television spectrum to deliver 4G connectivity.

The technique will allow Huawei to use the 4G spectrum without having to spend any money on buying 4G frequencies. But, in doing so, the company is most likely to encounter a lot of technical problems.

The company revealed that it has been working on the TDD LTE system for over two years, but chose to keep it a secret all this while.

Huawei said that its platform is called the TVWS (TV White Space) LTE TDD and that the company is about to embark on field trials for the technology.

"The LTE TDD system can take full advantage of TVWS bandwidth and enhance spectrum efficiency," said the director of Huawei's wireless strategy department, Tan Zhu, in a statement.

"This LTE TDD system will benefit network and service providers by offering a combination of strong operation and management capability, a mature industry chain, and variety of deployment scenarios," he added.