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Ice Cream Sandwich to come to Acer Iconia Tablets

Acer Poland has confirmed to a local tech website, that the company will provide updates for Ice Cream Sandwich in January 2012.

All the tablets are expected to receive the update, including the 7-inch A100, the 10.1-inch A500 and its 3G version, the A501. It's worth noting that the A100 has a 1024x600 pixel resolution which MAY well mean ICS will come to tablets with lower resolutions like the Advent Vega and the Hannspree Hannspad.

Motorola, which is owned by Google, has confirmed that it will deliver both new products based on Ice Cream Sandwich and updates for some existing devices, six weeks after Ice Cream Sandwich is released to the public. It is likely that part of the reason why Acer will take extra time to bring ICS to its tablets is because the company has its own proprietary user interface to overlay over Ice Cream Sandwich.

Furthermore, Acer hasn't said yet whether it will bring Google's latest operating system to its smartphones or whether it intends to release, like Motorola, a range of smartphones based on Ice Cream Sandwich instead. HTC has also said that it is evaluating which devices should be upgraded to ICS while Samsung already has a handset, the Galaxy Nexus, loaded with ICS.

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