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Interview With Yosi Taguri From Labgoo

I sat down with Yosi Taguri from the creators of Pah!, a voice controlled iOS game, and asked him a few questions for ITProPortal at DroidCon UK. You can read a short introduction about Pah! and how this remarkable game has been a success in Asia here.

Question: You are remarkably open about your numbers. Do you believe App Stores are the future for independent developers, if you have generated over half a million downloads, yet can not cover the salary of one developer?

Answer: I believe so yes. The fact that we didn't make it big time in terms of sales only means we didn't find the right formula and we are working on that. It got us thinking of ways we can make money. One of the things we came across is BlueVia's SDK which enables us to harness the power of the operator and share revenues.

Question: In your talk you mentioned the majority of your users are in Asia. Is there a reason for this, and how do you intend to drive sales in Europe and the US?

Answer: 99% of our users are from China, which is pretty amazing. At first it was Taiwan who picked it up but since China has become the no.1 country for us. I guess this is a cultural thing. We did try to approach blogs in Europe and the US and got denied time after time. We decided to rely on word of mouth instead of talking to bloggers. We made sure people are having a good time together. The next version of Pah makes it even easier to share the great experience of controlling the game using your voice.

Question: How do you intend to drive Pah! forward? Do you have an Angry Birds style world domination plan?

Answer: We decided to spice up Pah by shooting (via the front facing camera) the player while he plays and show it to him once he finishes a level. We watched our beta testers and they reacted the same way as they did when they first saw Pah! with uncontrolled laughs. That was the best indicator that we have something cool. We plan to continue and experiment with small ideas that no one will ever fund until we find that big thing that we will focus on entirely.