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Linux 3.1 Compatible with Nintendo Wii Handheld Motion Control Device

The brand new version of the Linux Kernel designed by Linus Torvalds brings along vitalisation enhancements as well as assistance for the OpenRISC - an emerging processor architecture.

According to the company, the Linux 3.1 package also includes upgraded graphic drivers which expand its range when it comes to three dimensional rendering.

Also, with this, the first ever driver to have compatibility with the Nintendo Wii handheld motion control device, has arrived. And as expected from the company, the new version is also equipped with a range of other additional bug fixes, as well as drivers.

“This release is notable in that it is the first version to be hosted on distributed code hosting service GitHub, where it will reside while its usual home,, gets revamped after the damage caused by a security breach,” said Joan Jackson of the tech site Computer World noted in his report.

In addition, Linux 3.1 also comes equipped with compatibility with nested virtualisation in the Kernel based Virtual Machine hypervisor. This feature allows users to run a virtual machine from the inside of another.