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Software Glitch Forces Jaguar To Recall 17,500+ Cars

Luxury car maker Jaguar has recalled a huge number of cars due to a glitch in the cruise control software.

The company informed in a letter to affected customers that X-type models with diesel engines from 2006 to 2010 were affected with a glitch in the cruise control software, which may not respond to ‘normal inputs'. Jaguar also warned in the letter that turning off the ignition will also disable the cruise control mode.

According to The Telegraph, the company informed its customers that due to the glitch, it was difficult to disengage the cruise control in the ‘normal manner'.

Jaguar, owned by India's Tata, has recalled 17,678 cars in the UK. The company informed that there had been no accidents due to the software glitch.

"This potential problem was spotted by one of our employees. No customer has been affected and there had been no accidents or injuries", a Jaguar spokesperson said in a statement.

Use of computer software has been increasing the automobile industry with several car makers partnering with software companies to come out with computer systems designed not only for enhancing the car's performance but also provider in-car entertainment and connectivity options.