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Steve Jobs Biography to Become 2011 Best-selling Book at Amazon?

The authorised biography of Steve Jobs is currently the best-selling physical book and e-Book on Amazon and on Apple's iBook Store, only a few hours after it went on sale globally.

The biography, which was released only days after the death of Apple's iconic former CEO and co-founder, may become the best-selling book of the year with only 10 weeks worth of sales.

An Amazon Spokesperson told Reuters "the way things are trending, it could very likely be our top-selling book of the year", while an analyst reckons that the electronic book will very likely outperform the physical version.

The book, entitled 'Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography' was authored by the former editor of Time Magazine, Walter Isaacson, and is already the 12th best-selling book on for the whole of 2011 as well as being the third most-gifted item and the top most-gifted book from the online retailer.

Steve Jobs apparently asked Isaacson more than seven years ago to write the book, with the journalist taking two years and more than 40 interviews with Jobs to deliver what might prove to be one of the most successful biographies of all times.

The ebook version of "Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography" costs £12.99 at Amazon which oddly enough is more expensive than the hardcover version (at £12.50). There's also an audio version from Audible that costs £22.49.

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