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21 Windows 8 Screenshots That Will Make You Forget About Windows 7

Windows 8, the developer preview version, has out for some time now and not many enthusiasts were fond of really "previewing" it. This happened roughly because an average person does not install pre-beta programs, not under dual boot option at least that could lose their vital information in case something goes wrong. Although there are ways of playing safe , my personal opinion is that some people do not see the advantages of Windows 8. It is not "another Windows that will change everything"; it's the iOS of Apple and the Android Ice Cream Sandwich of Google; Microsoft's OS that is going to unite everything in the PC world. And we've got pictures to help smooth the transition.

First of all, do not imagine Windows 8 as being a state of the art operating system. There are tons of things still to implement until the final version is out sometime next year. It's not that different at all, with the user being able of swapping the state-of-the-art Metro UI back to the plain desktop at the push of a button. All existing W7 applications are compatible with the new OS and in time, some of them will run using the Metro style. And, this is the keyword here, Metro.

This interface acts like a jack between the normal PC era brought by Windows 7 and the future, all compatible story wrote by the Metro UI. Optimised for touch input and still working with a normal keyboard and mouse, it will act like a buffer between home desktops and mobile devices. And, I am not talking about tablets alone. As soon as Windows 8 catches wind, smartphones running on Windows Phone will sell like pancakes. This is the main reason why you will forget about Windows 7.

Having installed an OS capable of jacking your smartphone in a laptop-dock and continuing the work/fun from a regular, QWERTY equipped desktop will be the star of the show.

Also, the simplicity behind Metro's UI allows you to swap from an application to another in a couple of seconds. These apps can be move around through the main panel and when you just don't want to quit, interacting with all the wanted content or getting notified from the lock screen is irreplaceable.

Until now, moving from Windows XP to Vista or from Vista to 7 was a matter of performance or looks. Windows 8 has both of them and a compatibility cherry on top. It can boot and work faster, looks sweeter and, will be integrated in mobile devices.

The gallery below was made to visualise all of these aspects, as much as we could get them at this stage.