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71% Rise In Google Takedown Requests

Google has revealed under its Transparency Report that there has been a 71% increase in the number of takedown requests it has received from the UK government and court from its web search, YouTube and other services.

These figures are for January to June this year and in comparison with previous six months. According to Google it has received 65 takedown requests for a total of 333 items to be removed over that period reports BBC News. 44 out of these were from the UK government over the first six month of 2011 and most of them were in relation to removal of YouTube videos.

82% of the requests were complied with either fully or partially. Out of the 220 video takedown requests, Google took down 135 videos on grounds of national security and 61 were removed because of ‘privacy and security' reasons.

According to a speculation by the Telegraph, the rise in the takedown requests were primarily because of the a stabbing incident that involved MP Stephen Timms and a self-proclaimed jihadist student.

Google also received a host of removal requests from the US government wherein it complied with 63% of the requests.