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AMD Trinity and Virgo details leak

A leaked promotional slide has revealed a few technical details regarding AMD's upcoming Trinity accelerated processing unit and the associated Virgo platform.

While some of the facts contained in the slide were previously known, the slide - obtained by Turkish tech site Donamin Haber - suggests that the next-generation Llano replacement will include some impressive new technologies.

According to the leaked slide - which AMD has neither confirmed nor denied as genuine - the Trinity APU will be based on up to four 'Piledriver' second-generation Bulldozer-architecture cores, offering around a 20 per cent performance improvement over the first-generation Llano parts and including third-generation Turbo Core technology to further improve single-threaded application performance.

The Virgo platform, meanwhile, adds support for DDR3 memory running at speeds of up to 2133MHz and vltages of 1.5V, 1.35V and 1.25V.

The graphics processor side of the APU will, the slide claims, be available in a variety of configurations - all of which should offer a 30 per cent speed boost compared to their Llano equivalents - and include UVD3 with a piracy-busting 'Secure Asset Management Unit' and dedicated video compression hardware. AMD's multi-monitor EyeFinity technology is included, along with native DisplayPort 1.2 support.

The Virgo platform appears to be based around the AMD A75 chipset, with the Trinity APU connecting via an FM2 socket.

While the lack of six-core and higher parts will be a disappointment to AMD fans, the Trinity APU and Virgo platform appears - if the leak can be trusted - to be shaping up quite nicely for mainstream use.

Production of Trinity is expected to start torwards the end of the year, but thus far AMD is keeping quiet on precise timings for its launch. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.