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British Children Would Miss Internet, Mobile Rather Than TV

A study by Ofcom reveals that British teenagers would miss Mobiles and Internet compared to TV and would rather do without a TV rather than mobiles.

The research carried out by communications watchdog Ofcom covered children from the age groups of 5-7, 8-11 and 12-15. Only 18% of the Children from the age group of 12-15 would miss TV the most whereas 28% said that they would miss mobiles and 25% said they would miss Internet. A contrasting find was that in the last five years teenagers were engrossed in watching TV more than ever before with an increase of about 2 hours of TV time since 2007 reveals CBR Online.

In terms of Internet, 95% of the 12 to 15 year olds have access to Internet. But, the communications watchdog also points to a ‘digital divide' whereby only 80% of the children of the lower income group families have access to internet at home compared to a staggering 98% in the richer families.

"The almost universal use of the internet at home by 12 to 15s - both for their education as well as their entertainment - is a positive step forward", said Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards reports The Guardian.

Ofcom pointed out that attachment towards TV is sliding despite the increase in TV viewing over the last five years across all age groups. In 2007 68% children of the age group 5-7 years would miss TV; 48% said that in 2011. For the age group of 8-11, the figure has fallen from 51% to 39%.