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Green Networking : The Bigger Picture

Identifying what individual companies can do to help the environment is crucial but it is often insightful to understand how manufacturer policies help drive future sales. In order to maintain expected growth and profit margins, manufacturers are in a fight to continually produce new goods and services.

However, this constant manufacturing leads to shorter lifecycles and often unnecessary upgrades in the eyes of the customer. Resisting the urge to buy into the constant production cycle and listening to the manufacturer's spiel can help prevent increasing your carbon footprint while saving significant capital along the way.

It is not always necessary to upgrade and many consumers are tired of the pressure that manufacturers place on them. Generally, each upgrade only contains 5-20% of features that are relevant to a particular company. The other extra features are often surplus to the needs of the customer.

These extra features are the result of competition between manufacturers. They are so keen to outpace one another in innovation that in some cases they are also beginning to outstrip the customer's needs and are delivering increasingly sophisticated products which may be more advanced than the customer actually requires. This constant drive for innovation also shortens the product lifecycle and leads to faster consumption.