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Ice Cream Sandwich Already Ported to Samsung Nexus S?

Days after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the software development kit for Google Ice Cream Sandwich has emerged online, the first working Ice Cream Sandwich port for the Nexus S has appeared on courtesy of one of its members, Haka.

According to XDA, the port contains all the core functionality and works both on the i9023 and the i9020 models (Super LCD and AMOLED versions respectively) but does contains a few bugs that will affect NFC, the Panorama Model, and the phone's Bluetooth functionality.

The latest update, called "We Scream for Ice Cream" is currently in build v3 and apparently includes hardware acceleration and a new browser that is faster than the previous one.

As always, you update your phone at your own risk; but the lure of being able to get a Nexus S up and running with Ice Cream Sandwich may be too much for some owners to resist. Expect more screenshots to emerge soon.

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