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Ice Cream Sandwich Running On Google Nexus One, HTC Desire Next?

Developers worldwide have been busy working on getting Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on Google's original superphone, the Nexus One. A team of Spanish developers has produced a ROM based on the Android 4.0 SDK and have released it.

Hugo Barra, from Google, did say that the Nexus One will not get ICS because its hardware is too old, despite the fact that the hardware on Nexus S and the Nexus One are almost exactly the same.

XDA-developer member Samuaz posted the file here and says that there are a few features that are not working at the moment including Wi-Fi, 3G, sound, camera, autobrightness control.

What does work though are the capacitive buttons, the launcher, the lock screen, the SD card, the user interface, the lock screen widgets, the trackball and most importantly, the touchscreen. Check the video below if you're not in the UK (we can't view it because EMI decided to block it apparently).

Another team from XDA-Developers is also working on an ICS port for the Nexus One but that one is based on an older, leaked version of the SDK. Although features are missing and the overall user experience is pretty poor, it is extremely gratifying to find out that dozens of developers are working to port the latest Google operating system to smartphones that would have otherwise been left in the dark.

XDA Developers have also ported Ice Cream Sandwich to the Samsung Nexus S and Google has confirmed that ICS will ultimately come to the older version of the Nexus.

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