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iOS Devices Registered Impressive Ad Impressions Growth in 2011

Recent Ad statics from Millennial Media reveal that advertising impressions on iPad has registered tremendous growth despite the fact that Android retains the top position for most advertising impressions.

According to the statistics, iPhone and iPad have ranked first in various mobile ad statistics for Q3 2011 with a total share of 28% for Apple's iOS reports Apple Insider. Even though Android leads the pack in terms of OS, Apple topped the device manufacturer's chart with an impressive 23.09% share followed by Samsung and HTC.

iPhone aced the top 20 mobile phones by impression share with 12.55% of ads. In terms of iOS ad impressions iPhone secured 54% share compared to 46% of iPad and iPod Touch. iOS increased its impressions share by 60% and iPad saw a surge of 456% over the same period a year before.

Talking of smartphones as a category, there as a 7% increase in ad impressions in Q3 compared to Q2 and an increase of 37% over the same period last year. Smartphones topped the chart with a total of 72% ad impressions.

Games were responsible for most of the ad impressions and news apps also registered a lot of growth.