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iPhone 4S' Auto-focus Capability Disputed by Users

As iPhone 4S lives through its first weeks in the hands of consumers, an increasing number of tests and accounts of their experiences are surfacing in the blogosphere.

The latest reports relate to camera performance and more specifically the auto-focus feature. According to Paul Boyce, a user quoted by MacWorld editor, Christopher Breen, iPhone 4S' auto-focus performs under expectations.

Boyce and two friends (all of whom have a 4S) tested the camera under various conditions and they noticed the auto-focus didn't deliver similar results in each test. Sometimes the pictures were sharp and clear other times the iPhone 4S camera didn't focus correctly.

They posted a video on YouTube highlighting the 4S AF problem they encountered; first focusing on a distant object and then placing a newspaper a few feet away. "Something's very wrong with this auto-focus on the 4S," Boyce proclaims at the end of the clip.

The three users suggested a solution to address the situation: "if you really need to focus on a subject and your iPhone seems incapable of it, give the screen a very gentle tap to focus".

However, independent tests led by photographers, like Lori Grunin, revealed a smart auto-focus on iPhone 4S. We couldn't say whether Lori Grunin was just lucky (or the lads unlucky), but when she took her iPhone 4S on a field trip to test the camera, the focus feature was one of the most praised features.

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