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Nokia World 2011 : Asha 200, 201 Aims For India

Nokia has unveiled two new handsets seemingly aimed at the booming Indian market, more specifically the entry level segment; the company chose an Indian name, Asha (which means Hope) for the handset range. The phones, named 200 and 201, will use the mature Series 40 operating system.

The Asha 200 can house two SIMs with an Easy Swap functionality which allows SIM hotswapping on the fly. It also features a QWERTY keyboard as well as integrated social networking, email and IM functionality with support for RenRen, Orkut and Flickr. The phone, which comes with support for 32MB microSD cards will launch by the end of 2011 for around 60 Euros.

The Asha 201 doesn't include the Easy Swap functionality but keeps the keyboard and support for 32GB microSD cards. It adds a Nokia Browser, a high performance loudspeaker, an FM radio and ringtone tuning as well as push email and popular cross platform WhatsApp messaging app. The phone will launch in the first quarter of 2012 for roughly 60 Euros.

It's worth noting that both phones will offer up to 52 hours worth of music playback time. That's more than two days and significantly more than the Apple iPod Touch for example or indeed many of the portable media players on the market. Two other phones, the 300 and 303, have also been launched in the Asha range at Nokia World 2011.

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