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Nokia World 2011 – live blog

One Mobile Ring will be attending Nokia World 2011 in London,whilst live blogging from the keynote speech from 9am on Wednesday the 26th of October with Stephen Elop, President and CEO, Nokia.

Live Blog

918 Nokia Asha 4 phones announced, with qwerty keyboards for the emerging markets

930 Nokia Asha 200 is dual SIM, 201 isn't

932 Nokia 303 has a large touch screen and qwerty keyboard, with a 1GHz CPU

935 Angry birds coming to series 40

941 Nokia announces Lumia 800 - their first window phone 7 handset - in blue, black and cyan and with the same look as the MeeGo based N9

943 Nokia CEO states this is the first true Windows Phone 7 mobile

958 Nokia Lumia 800 has preinstalled Nokia Drive app, which is a voice guided turn by turn sat nav application - will be free and the only WP7 handset with this on

1002 Nokia Lumia 800 has a Nokia Music service with offline music playback under the name of mix radio, free full length tracks

1009 Nokia announced Lumia 710, their second Windows Phone 7 - in white and black

1016 Nokia purity headset announced, co developed by Monster

1028 Nokia Lumia 800 is shipping, for November with preordering now for 420 euros

1030 Nokia 710 will cost 270 euros

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