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Order iPhone 4S Online and Collect at Nearest Store - Apple's New Pickup Service

According to MacRumors (opens in new tab), Apple is about to implement Sherwood, a new program to allow customers who order products online to choose a retail store where they can pick-up their purchase.

Apple's entire inventory will be available through Sherwood as well as third-party accessories, and even custom configured Macs. Customers will also have the option of having items engraved or gift-wrapped.

Customers could benefit from same-day pick-ups for most of the products. However, Apple warns there might be a few items only available after a few days. In addition, the online purchaser will not have to be present in person at the store, he or she can delegate the task if the required identification codes and proof of purchase are provided.

Apple retail chains will also be handling returned products, this will helping customers to avoid shipping costs for products they wish to exchange or get refunds on.

The new Sherwood program should prove very convenient, as Apple fans will not now be taken by surprise by home deliveries and have to explain why Santa is in such an odd disguise.

Of course home delivery will still be available for those who would rather not have to venture all the way to the store.

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