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Rapper Ryan Leslie sued over lost MacBook reward

When rapper Ryan Lesie lost his treasured laptop on a trip to Germany, he despaired - offering a $1 million reward for its safe return. Now he's got it back, however, he's not so keen on parting with his cash.

Leslie lost the MacBook Pro laptop during a tour of Germany last year, where he claims it was stolen from the back of a car, and clearly valued its digital contents far more than the hardware itself: initially, the rapper offered a $20,000 reward for its return.

When this proved unsuccessful, Leslie increased the offer to a massive $1 million payable to whomever could reunite him with his property.

Happily for Leslie, there was such a person: Armin Augstein, who claims to have found the laptop while walking his dog in a park in Stommelerbusch around a month after it originally went missing.

While Augstein's story seems somewhat questionable - you've got to wonder what kind of a thief would steal a highly-marketable MacBook Pro laptop and then dump it in a park rather than selling it - there's no denying that he returned it to its rightful owner in the hopes of claiming his reward.

Sadly, that didn't quite go according to plan: in papers filed with the District Court of Manhattan, Augstein claims that Leslie has refused to pay the reward - leaving Augstein with no choice but to sue for the $1 million, plus interest lost over the previous year.

"It's unfortunate that my client has to go to such lengths to recover the reward," Augstein's laywer Michael Fischman told NY Daily News (opens in new tab) of the case.

Leslie has yet to comment publicly on the case, but with his original reward heavily publicised it seems unlikely he'll be able to wriggle out of paying - unless he can prove that Augstein had something to do with the laptop's original disappearance. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.