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Tablets now Selling Twice as Fast as Netbooks, Thanks to iPad

Reports, backed up by Apple's presentation at its financial quarterly meeting, show that tablets are expanding into the notebook's market, as customers are preferring the more mobile devices.

Recently, ABI Research (opens in new tab) revealed detailed sales reports indicating that tablets, with the iPad accounting for the great majority, are outselling netbooks by a 2:1 ratio. Apple's iPads account for 68% of the tablet market according to ABI, but the numbers are higher if you look at other sources (Gartner has it at 73% for the year); nonetheless, it's safe to say that they own almost three quarters of the market.

The whole tablet market is reported to have sold 13.6 million units over the summer months, whereas just about 7.3 million notebooks were sold in the same period. Analysts observed also that the tablet's popularity has increased, and is still on a rising trend, in the developed countries where consumers are looking for mobility and are very aware of the most advanced features.

Also, tablets complement the functionality of notebooks and PCs and serve well as secondary devices. In countries with struggling economies, a more consumer friendly price tag is always the main criterion in selecting devices, for this reason, notebooks, that are more affordable are also the first choice.

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